The Winning A Voice Curriculum



Suffrage Curriculum Kit
The components of the Winning a Voice unit bring this neglected piece of the American Story—the women’s suffrage movement—to children through an activity-oriented program involving art, music, and drama. These exciting components capture the 150-year struggle by American women to gain the right to vote. More importantly, the unit delivers key role models to all students in an inspirational way. Researched and developed since 1972, this classroom-tested curriculum has proved motivating and challenging to both boys and girls.

Includes: Introductory Video, Winning a Voice Illustrated Textbook, Making Connections Activity Binder, Illustrated Poster Timeline, 32 Bio-Folders, Suffragist Exhibit, Bookmark Packet, Audio Cassette, Music Accompaniment Book.

Play Production Package
Performed successfully across the country, the Winning A Voice play has delighted audiences and participants every time, young and old alike. The Reader’s Theater format facilitates a simple but enthusiastic production during which members of the audience can be invited to do bit parts. Much of the story is told through music, with lyrics written to familiar tunes to encourage spirited audience participation. Adults love to perform the musical and do their part to let the younger generation know of the enormous effort that was expended by women “winning a voice” in our government. Everyone can get in on the act!

Documentary Video, Audio Tape, Music Book, 20 Scripts, 20 Music Books, Performance Royalty Permission Statement Slip
Music Kit
This kit has been especially prepared for music teachers, educators and those interested in celebrating the contributions and achievements of the heroines behind the 19th Amendment

Includes: Winning A Voice book, Scenes from Winning A Voice (a 14 minute video introduced by Mary Ruthsdotter, founder and project director of the National Women's History Project, which previews the 45-minute award-winning musical documentary about the women's suffrage movement), Audio Cassette, Music book, 25 Lyric Books to pass out to participants.


Making Connections Activity Binder (100+ pages)
This valuable resource includes more than 100 pages of cross-curriculum activities incorporating art, writing, drama, music, geography, and mathematics.

Biofolders (32 - 4 for each of 8 suffragists)
With portraits of the eight suffragists, designed for small HerStory research groups, give students a personal understanding of each woman.

Winning A Voice book (71 pages)
By Milli-Ann Iuso Cox is an exciting 150-year chronicle of women’s struggle to gain the vote. Written in a style that appeals to young people as well as adults. Beautiful historic illustrations and portraits throughout text and full color reproduction of commemorative poster on cover, 72 pages on archival paper. 

Commemorative Limited Edition
200 books with special end papers, signed and numbered by the author. 

Commemorative Bookmark Sets (9)
Each with a portrait, anecdote, and quote; and a dedication card which memorializes the women.

To Our Courageous Foremothers...

Those dauntless heroines, those freedom fighters who, with clear vision, high ideals, courage, perseverance and steadfastness of purpose, fought for justice, not favors, their rights and nothing less. 

Sometimes they fought alone. Sometimes they found others to help them. But only when thousands of women banded together in one massive drive did they get what they wanted most: A voice in their government.

Audio Cassette (25 min)
Arlene Chin, director of the Winning A Voice Musical Ensemble, sings and plays on piano each of the songs in the score.

Musical Accompaniment Book
The teacher’s piano edition of the song book.

Winning A Voice Poster
Full color reproduction of commissioned poster by renowned artists Anca Hariton and Florentin Cristian. Tribute at the bottom states “In Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Ratification and the Women Who Made It Possible.” Text can be matted in or out for framing. 

Commemorative Limited Edition
250 posters signed and numbered by artist, beautifully printed on Lanaquarelle handmade, high quality, matte, archival paper. 

Musical Documentary Play Script (20)
Scripts for musical documentary play.
Song Book (20)
Follow along with the 11 songs created for the Winning A Voice musical documentary.
Suffragist Exhibit (set of 8)
Comes with 8, 11”x17” suffragist stand-up patterns created by artist Noa Teplow with changeable placards on which the students may create poetry, bios, timelines, essays, or speeches and/or practice computer skills (desktop publishing).
Picture Poster Timeline (13 pages, 11"x17" on cardstock)
With expressive illustrations helps students visualize connections between important historical events from 1776 to 1920.
Introductory Video (15 min)
This video introduces the components of the unit through individual testimonials of the pilot study group, students, parents and other educators who have used the curriculum.

Musical Documentary Video (45 min)
Through a lively array of music, drama and narrations, an all star cast of nearly 50 students (grades 2-8) reveals this important but rarely told story. The play production package includes a script, audio cassette of songs, and sing-a-long music books.